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Presentation in Atlanta

I will be giving a presentation to the Jung Society of Atlanta on April 28th. The topic of my presentation is “Sustaining Earth, Sustaining Soul.” I will explore our current global environmental crisis, how we got to this place and what Jungian psychology offers as a way back to living in balance with Nature. For more information on the presentation please see: http://www.jungatlanta.com/schedule-kiehl.html

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Open Forum in Portland

I am involved in organizing a forum in Portland, Oregon on the topic of climate change, psychology and social transformation. The forum will be facilitated by Arnold and Amy Mindell. Over a number of years, Arny and Amy developed a process oriented psychology to resolve conflicts on various social issues. I am excited about working with them on this important topic. I encourage you to look at the information on this forum at: http://www.open-forum-portland.net/

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