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“Dwelling, however, is the basic character of Being…”

Martin Heidegger

I sit in at the dinning room table gazing into the living room. On the table before me is my cup of coffee and a book. As my eyes drift up from the table I am captured by the symmetry of the en-framed living area. Light streams in from the front window enlivening a collection of flowers sitting on a table before the window. Each flower captures the light in its own particular way highlighting different hues of petal, leaf and stem.  In this moment everything feels right in my lived-world. I feel included in this peaceful place. I am aware of the importance of dwelling as compared to inhabiting. Dwelling opens me to a richer experience of my surroundings. In dwelling I am an active participant in my lived-world. This chair holds me rather than supports me. The soft colors in the room infuse my being with their subtle nature. The balance of proportion surrounding me from every angle evokes within me a deep sense of balance. In this moment, my being-in-the-world is truly a part of the place in which I dwell. These yellow walls, white wooden frames and this wooden floor inform who I am as a being. I revel in my co-creative relationship with the surroundings. A sense of place puts us in touch with a deeper part of ourselves. A sense of place also puts us in touch with the materials used in its design and with all of the craftsmen whose care created this special space. Sitting here with coffee and book this place’s presence opens me to the world at large.

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