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“The heart would like to explore the phenomenal world; it is open to relating with others. That heart contains tremendous strength and confidence in itself, which is called fearlessness.”

Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

It is a wonderful experience to open ourselves to the world. Unfortunately, this is something we are conditioned not to do so often. As young children we are open to exploring our world, but in growing up we are encouraged to close ourselves off from the world. Traumatic experiences teach us to be fearful of the world around us. Even in the absence of such experiences, we learn that the world is to be feared more than trusted. By the time we reach adulthood our natural way of relating to the world is with a closed heart. We have closed the windows of the senses to the wondrous waking world surrounding us.

Whenever we open our hearts to the world a clarity of experience is born. This is a clarity that connects us to something deeper within ourselves and to the outer phenomenal world in a completely fresh way. Colors, smells, tastes and sounds become richer and more profound. I am not describing something that is too difficult. The next time you go for a walk try to slow down and open to what is present before you. Take a little time to dwell with whatever you see or hear in the moment. You may become aware of some fear. You may want to quickly move on to the next scene or experience, but just stay where you are. Just stay with it and see if some clarity arises.

So many problems in the world arise from our conditioned habit of seeing the phenomenal world from a place of fear rather than fearlessness. The heart yearns to open to the world. Today, for just a brief moment allow your heart to openly explore the phenomenal world before you.

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