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George McGovern passed away today. I will always remember him as one of my political heroes, a professional field that has held very few heroes for me. I became passionate about politics in 1968. George McGovern was running for president, but did not make the ticket that year. I was young and idealistic and was immediately attracted to what he stood for, as well as, the figure of Eugene McCarthy. McGovern was a man of integrity and intelligence. He was a history professor who decided to make a difference in the world. He fought tirelessly for peace, equality, and the rights of the oppressed. He was a calm, peaceful man who spoke with a quiet voice. I deeply admired him as an individual and a public servant. Perhaps most of all, George McGovern cared about people. Everything he worked for in his life was grounded in caring. As I look around at the political scene of today, I am saddened by the lack of his caliber. I no longer hold a passion for things political. I supported and believed in the things he stood for in 1968, as I do today. I guess I am still idealistic about the things that matter. Today, I mourn the passing of this peaceful warrior. I hope we never let go of the fight to care for others.

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