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I have been absent from this site for a long time. Some of this absence has been due to illness and some due to a very busy life. During my illness, I had a transformative dream that has led to changes in my life. This dream also indicated that I needed to be near the ocean for a while. So, we are spending a year in Santa Cruz, California. We have moved into a beautiful small house near the coast. I hope to use this time to re-center and reconnect to things that truly matter in life. I also hope to use this time to write more. Write more for this blog site and write more about how we experience this world.

For the past few years, I have been reflecting and writing on how we live in the world. These reflections are rooted in three soils: 1) Jungian psychology and the importance of recognizing the other world within, 2) phenomenology and what it brings to understanding our being-in-the-world, and 3) eastern thought, especially Buddhism in its many forms and what it tells us of the interdependence of everything in this world. I plan to use this year to weave these three threads into cloth through which we can see our world in a deeper way.

I will also be occasionally lecturing at the university on the intersection between psychological and social dimensions with environmental issues. The UCSC campus is a wonderful place nestled among a redwood forest. What better place to explore our relationship to Nature?

I hope you will join me in these explorations.

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