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Connecting to Nature

Nature provides us with a sense of wholeness. It also provides a path to living a more soulful life. Here soulful means a deeper way of relating to ourselves and others, a way of creating more meaningful connections in our lives. Soulful engagement allows us to experience interiority in the world. The world is no longer inanimate, but is animate.

Carl Jung discovered that we typically relate to our world in four ways. If we rely on only one of these four ways to relate, then we deny ourselves a deeper relationship with our world. The goal of this workshop is to awaken other ways of experiencing our lived-world. These other ways open doorways into experiencing the world more deeply and meaningfully.

The word sustain comes from a root meaning: “to support from below.” Thus, sustaining Earth & Soul means to live in a way where we are supported from a deeper root or foundation. Jung would call this deeper foundation an archetype. Archetypes are embedded patterns within us that allow us to perceive and experience the world in a meaningful way. They also open us to a numinous feeling experience of the world. Jungian psychology provides a means to discover and explore archetypal images that exist within us. I believe that our experience of Nature is archetypal. This is why we experience a sense of wholeness in the presence of Nature. So, to the extent we connect to inner archetypal images, we connect to Nature. Similarly, our connection to Nature evokes or constellates archetypal images within us.

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